simplified, consistent standardized overview

We call all organizations, companies and corporations! 

There is an urgent call for action by all countries – developed and developing, on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We need to hurry up, and therefore there is a need to communicate the important and complex SDGs in understandable ways. We have made a tool for a simplified, consistent standardized overview of a company’s SDG initiative. 

We’ve noticed a challenge with how companies often show their SDG initiatives, on their websites. Companies show their SDG initiative in a million different ways. Not very consistent and in fact, it’s hard to get a good overview for customers and stakeholders.

From a customer’s perspective, it is important to have access to transparent information, to make accurate decisions.

We have made a tool for a simplified, consistent standardized overview of a company’s SDG initiative.

We provide the SDG Overview plugin – a simple tool that can easily be installed on any website. The tool helps companies to translate the language of their company into clear messages that everyone can understand and act on. 

We believe that an engaged and aware global citizen is familiar with the SDG Agenda and therefore we are convinced that communicating around the SDG´s in a standardized manner would enlighten customers/consumers/visitors to the webpage in the targeted way.

We are a small sustainable goal dedicated design & tech team in Denmark, Taws Design & Rainbow Riders, Anna and Anders.

We approach the task with humility and know that all action begins with us as human beings taking a stand – we believe that this is our common best opportunity to get the necessary actions started.


Anders Thingholm

Mobile: +45 61 60 83 00

Anna Taws

Mobile: +45 50 76 42 52